Boundary recommendations could see Royton put in new Oldham North ward

PROPOSED changes to parliamentary boundaries would see Royton become part of a new ‘Oldham North’ ward if plans are approved by Parliament.

The recommendations from the Boundary Commission set out new parliamentary boundaries nationwide, which define the areas that a person votes for their local MP, and could see the number of MPs cut from 650 to 600.

A map of the final recommendations for the Oldham North constituency

The review also aims to make constituencies more equal in terms of total number of voters – between 71,031 and 78,507.

The final recommendations were made following analysis of current constituencies and local government patterns as well as consultation with the public, which brought more than 35,000 individual responses.

The report, which still need to secure the backing of MPs and peers, has now been presented to Parliament for consideration.

Currently Royton North and South are part of the Oldham West and Royton constituency, also covering Chadderton Central, Chadderton North, Chadderton South, Coldhurst, Hollinwood, Medlock Vale, and Werneth.

A map of the final recommendations for the Oldham constituency

But the recommendations would see Royton North and South sit in an ‘Oldham North’ constituency along with Moston, Chadderton South, Chadderton North, Chadderton Central, Coldhurst, Waterhead and St James’.

Responding to the recommendations on Twitter, Jim McMahon, MP for Oldham West and Royton, wrote: “Can’t imagine there is a majority in Parliament who support changes across the country, and starting point of review is flawed.”

Announcing the final recommendations on their website, the Boundary Commission wrote: “During the 2018 Boundary Review we examined areas and made proposals for a new set of boundaries which are fairer and more equal, while also trying to reflect geographic factors and local ties.

“The Commission also looked at current constituencies and local government patterns in redrawing the map of boundaries in England.

MP Jim McMahon

“The review involved regularly consulting members of the public for their views on their local area, and the refining proposals in a number of stages.

“The Commission submitted its final recommendations to Government in September 2018.

Parliament will now have the opportunity to consider our recommendations.”

You can view the final recommendations on an interactive map:

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