Come the Revolution… you will be dancing in the aisles

THEY have been laying down soul and funk in the North for a quarter of a century.

Soul Revoution

Now, Soul Revolution are coming to Playhouse 2 as part of their silver jubilee celebrations.

For Shaw-based trumpeter Nigel Kirkham it is a home coming gig.

But Nigel is a novice ‘Revolutionary’ having only signed up 12 months ago.

Even lead singer Glen Brook only has medium longevity with the 12-piece originating from Rossendale.

“I have been in the band for 12 years,” Glen told the Correspondent.

“But there are three members who have been in since the start: Mike Duff, Christine Hardman and Mike Williamson.

“We have always been a 12-piece band though actually we are now 13 because we adopted another trumpet player – and we can’t seem to get rid of him,” joked Glen who is from Shawclough, Rochdale.

Soul Revolution only play between eight to 10 gigs a year so the Playhouse 2 audience on Saturday, February 10 should be in for a treat.

“We do it differently to other bands and it’s not about the money,” added Glen.

“We rehearse every Tuesday solely because we just like playing music.

“What we want to be when we go out to play, even though we are a covers band, is on the money; as tight as can be.

“This time though I started to look for a few venues just to do something different and to new audiences.

“Nigel mentioned about Playhouse 2 so I spoke to the venue. They are excited about us coming.

“There might be three people in there; there might be a full house. But the venue seems very confident it will sell out.”

Tickets in advance cost £15 and the audience should get ready to party.

“We are primarily a soul band but at the Playhouse we are going to do something completely different,” added Glen.

“The first set will be soul music and the second disco. This is why we are calling it ‘soul to disco.’

“Even though we say so ourselves we are a pretty good outfit.

“With a four-piece brass section, a conga player, drums, trumpet, guitar, bass, keys, two lead singers and two backing singers we are quite a tour de force.

“We have done so many gigs where you have 60-70 year-olds dancing next to 17 and 18-year olds.

“The youngsters have been dragged along but then never sit down all night.

“We play to all mixed audience and I can say that with confidence after 25 years doing it.”


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