Double funds boost for Over 60s Club

A CLUB that helps stave off loneliness in the elderly is in the money after winning two awards.

The Royton and Crompton Over 60s Club has gained enough votes in the Skipton Building Society’s Grass Roots Giving scheme to win a cheque for £500.

Royton and Crompton Over 60s Susan Rodgers, Barbara Yates, Barbara Hopwood, Janet Heap and Emma Ditchfield, ASDA community champion

And it has also received £200 from Asda supermarket in Shaw after people left tokens in their store.

Now that windfall will be put to good use for the people who come to the group every week.
Janet Heap, of Royton and Crompton Over 60s Club, said: “We applied and people voted from among a list of groups.

“We filled in a form online to be put forward then the groups that get enough votes receive money from the building society.

“There are so many from each area but enough good people voted for us. I’m not sure how many exactly but enough for us to qualify.

“We do something different each week, so the money will be used to buy craft materials.

“We do a different project – at the start of the month we did Christmas decorations, the week before that it was Christmas wreaths.

“But it all costs money to do things like that, so now we’re lucky enough to be able to spend a little bit more.

“Some weeks, it can cost £5 a wreath to make, whereas others it can cost just £2 a wreath to make, so this money can help us plan rather than do things dependent on how much money we have at any one time.”

Royton and Crompton Over 60s Club meets every Thursday from 1pm until 3pm at Dovetales Christian Centre on Beal Lane in Shaw and once a month on a Saturday, when it holds a fellowship service.

It costs £2.50 per person, which includes drinks.

What they do may not sound like much but Janet added that it is making a big difference in tackling a growing social problem.

She said: “It sounds like something from a supermarket but every little really does help.

“The group helps combat social isolation, which is a massive thing. What we do may not sound much but it really does make a difference.

“Just being able to talk to someone makes a big difference and getting grants like this can help us make things better.

“On a Thursday, we get anything between 25 and 30 people then at a fellowship group, it can grow to between 30 and 40.

“And anyone who says what organisations like us does is vital is right.”

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