Family start fundraising campaign for dying dad

A FAMILY has launched a fundraising appeal to prolong the life of a terminally ill Royton man.


Mark with his children Aaron and Lauren

On March 20, 2018, doctors gave Mark Tesz, 45, only three months to live.

Having now discovered a specialist organisation that can identify drugs to hit Mark’s cancerous cells to potentially extend his life, wife Melanie has launched a crowd funding appeal.

In less than a month the Just Giving campaign has raised £4,555 of the £30,000 needed.

Melanie says: “I don’t usually like to ask for help – however the treatment for Mark is very expensive and we cannot afford to fund it ourselves.

“We have found a specialist organisation which offers testing that identifies drugs that can specifically target his cancer without damaging healthy cells therefore prolonging Mark’s life expectancy.

“I am becoming increasingly desperate to gain extra time for Mark to enable us all to be together as a family for as long as we can.

“Our whole family have gone through this emotional journey alongside Mark, providing support and strength to each other and we are not ready to give in to cancer.

“We are all guilty of not appreciating the time we have with somebody until it becomes too late.”

Mark, a maintenance manager, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2016 and given the news that it could be treated with chemotherapy but he had to undergo keyhole surgery beforehand.

On January 13, 2017 Mark underwent his first round of chemotherapy. It took its toll on him for the first few days but this didn’t stop Mark leading his life as normal.

After having routine scans throughout the treatment to check on the progress of the cancer he was finally given the news the cancer had gone from his bowel.

So, after his last chemotherapy session, he was surrounded by Melanie and children, Lauren and Aaron, as he rang the end of treatment bell.

As it clearly states on the plaque ‘Ring this bell three times well, its toll to clearly say, my treatment’s done, this course is run and I am on my way!”

However a routine scan a few weeks later revealed Mark had a lump about the size of a 50p on his liver.
The cancer had spread and a further scan revealed there were several more tumours.

It hit the family hard knowing Mark would have to go through the treatment process once again.
Fast forward to September 2017 and the chemotherapy started again.

However, this time around it was different. In November Mark picked up an infection and was admitted to hospital and given antibiotics through a drip.

Mark went on to endure another four infections from November to the beginning of March 2018 during which time he wasn’t given any chemotherapy.

He also had a blockage which meant he had to undergo surgery to insert stents into his bile duct to help release the deadly toxins building up in his liver.

Then came the devastating news on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 that the doctors could do no more and Mark was classed as terminally ill.

To donate to help Mark’s treatment, go online:

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