Last dance at wedding venue?

THE last ever wedding reception at the Clough Manor has probably taken place.


Clough Manor in Denshaw

That’s the view of owner and Saddleworth businessman Alan Tupman after the well-known Denshaw hotel and restaurant closed again in April.

Just five weeks after an open day to officially launch a bright new era for the Rochdale Road premises, Clough Manor shut its doors.

And in a separate development a few days later Oldham Council confirmed the 23-bedroom establishment had received a damning one-star rating from the Food Standards Agency following an inspection in February 2018.

Unsuspecting visitors arriving at the front door are greeted by a sign saying ‘This hotel is now closed”.

It ends a short-lived business relationship between Mr Tupman and Dutch born hotelier Zishan Zaman, who still runs the Best Western Broadfield Hotel in Rochdale.

In February Mr Tupman told the Independent: “I know it (Clough Manor) is now in good, safe hands and I am confident about its future.”

Now he admits the building, which was previously up for sale for £1.5 million, may never re-open as a wedding and hospitality venue.

“I get the fact if you were a bride-to-be you wouldn’t want to get married at Clough Manor,” he said.

“You wouldn’t want to book your wedding at Clough Manor in 2019. It is sad that it is that way.”

Mr Zaman, who obtained a lease to succeed previous tenants Tony Leach and Phil Wareing in December 2017, previously told the paper: “Slowly but surely we are building up the business again.

“We want people to know we are open for business because every-one thinks we are shut.”

Now he says: “It is not what it looks like. But it didn’t work out.

“We were definitely looking forward to it. We are hoteliers and we like to run hotel businesses.”

Clough Manor is located in an 18th century farmhouse. It was formerly known to locals as La Pergola restaurant but was taken over by Mr Tupman in 2007.

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