Pet groomer Andi is handy with clippers!

IT isn’t only we humans who need to take off a layer or two when then warm weather eventually arrives.


Andi in her new shop

Our four-legged friends are also grateful for a reduction in their coats.

So Andi Jackson has been busy with customers, especially after a change of premises for her dog grooming business.

Andi has re-located K9 Grooming Solutions and Pet Supplies from Burnedge Mill in Crompton to Shaw town centre.

The Correspondent popped along to the new light and airy premises on Market Place to celebrate the official opening.

It has allowed Andi, who started her animal grooming skills while living in Greece, to display her full range of products alongside the main business of making dogs, cats and the occasional rabbit look good.

“Grooming is an essential part of most dogs’ lives,” says Andi.


K9 Grooming Solutions

“Without it their coat and skin can have all kinds of problems, such as dandruff, dry patches, bald patches.
“The fur becomes matted and all breeds of dogs need grooming, even smooth coated ones.

“Ideally, dogs with longer coats need brushing on a daily basis.

“Just forgetting or not having time to groom your short to long coated dog can result in his coat being matted.

“I groom all breeds and sizes of dogs but I only do one dog at a time so they are not sat in a cage all day. As soon as they are done they can go home.”

Andi also offers a cat sitting service (local only) and small pets (not dogs), and grooms both cats and dogs.

At the new shop, you can find everything from pet food and treats to cat litter and more. There are also plenty of examples of Andi’s wood burn art.

For more information call Andi on 07545 025353 or visit her website:

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