MP leads opposition to proposed Royton waste to energy plant

PLANS to build an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) – as tall as 12 double-decker buses – in Royton will be opposed by local politicians.

A previous application for the 16-acres Mossdown Road site was rejected by the local authority in March 2018.

It was forecast the facility would have generated 10 or 11 megawatts of electricity as well as heat for surrounding businesses.

New proposals have yet to be submitted to Oldham Council. But Oldham West and Royton MP, Jim McMahon, is leading the protests against any new development.

MP Jim McMahon

He is joined in opposition by Royton North councillors, Clint Phythian and Hannah Roberts plus Cllrs Marie Bashforth, Steven Bashforth and Amanda Chadderton (Royton South).

Mr McMahon said: “After meeting with the developers, studying the material they have produced in support of the planning application, and looking at the application itself, I cannot support the proposals.

“Previous attempts to build a similar facility on the same site have been refused by planners at Oldham Council and I’ll be urging them to refuse this one too.

“The current plans indicate the facility will be as tall as 12 double-decker buses. Plans that were previously submitted and refused were for facilities one-fifth of the size.

“The visual impact that this would have on the area and the wider borough once the chimney stack and exhaust gases are factored in cannot be overstated.

“Likewise, I remain unconvinced that the traffic impact the facility will have on the surrounding roads has been considered in the right way.

“Given the disruption and impact the site would have only providing 40 jobs once up and running does not even begin to mitigate against that.”

A previous application for the 16-acres Mossdown Road site was rejected by the local authority in March 2018

Cllr Chadderton said: “The size of this facility makes it impossible for us to do anything but strongly oppose it, compared to the surrounding buildings it will be mammoth.

“We all have real genuine concerns that not enough consideration has been given to the number of heavy-goods vehicles that would be coming in and out of the site.

“With Broadbent Moss earmarked for development too, I can’t foresee a situation where this doesn’t massively impact the likelihood of people wanting to live there.”

Cllr Roberts said: “The proposed building is too big and in the wrong place.

“It would dominate the Beal Valley and surrounding homes as well as increasing traffic in the local area.

“These new proposals are even more unacceptable than the previous planning application which was refused. I support the call to turn down this new application when it is considered.”

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