Plans rejected to convert former Shaw pub into emergency homeless accommodation

A PLANNING application to convert the former Weavers Answer public house on Milnrow Road, Shaw into an 18-room, temporary homeless hostel has been refused.

A total of 106 comments about the proposals were received with all but three opposed to the development.

Weavers Answer

Objections varied from the building is not big enough and social issues will cause problems for existing residents to parking concerns and potential for anti-social behaviour.

Shaw and Crompton Parish councillors also recommended refusal on the ground the plans would create an “unacceptable visual amenity”.

Now the application has been rejected because roof alterations and two proposed dormers would “cause significant, adverse harm on the character and appearance of the building and street scene”.

There were no objections to the scheme from OMBC’s highways engineers’ department.

In a report confirming the decision it was also stated: “With regard to concerns of potential anti-social behaviour and social problems, whilst such considerations can represent material planning considerations, it is necessary for such concerns to be based on definitive evidence, and in the absence of such, refusal of the application on such grounds cannot be justified.”

However, the refusal notice also said: “The proposed development would not improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area and therefore does not comprise sustainable development.

“There were no solutions to the scheme or conditions which could reasonably have been imposed to make the development acceptable.”

The application, on behalf of Nelson based CarePoint HC, sought planning permission to change the pub to temporary sheltered accommodation, providing 18 single bedrooms.

As part of the conversion blueprint there was provision for a hip to gable roof extension to allow two large dormers (one to the front and one to the rear) along with alterations to windows and doors.

The applicant, if minded, has six months to appeal the decision.

Councillor Howard Sykes said: “All councillors recognise there is a need for accommodation of this type in Oldham.

“But this is not the right location for it, and that its why local councillors, the Parish Council and residents objected so strongly.

“The applicant now has a legal right to appeal the decision and even if this is unsuccessful they may choose to resubmit the application in a modified form or to repurpose the building in some other way, so this is one to watch.

“In any case, the planning decision makes clear that any application involving the creation of a hostel or a multi-bedroomed property must become licensed with the local authority as an HMO, or House in Multiple Occupation, which will present a further hurdle.”

9 Replies to “Plans rejected to convert former Shaw pub into emergency homeless accommodation”

  1. Good morning. Firstly pleased that the weavers accommodation has been refused. But can you tell me what happened to the much needed asda petrol station decision from a few yrs ago. Was it accepted after the appeal & will it be going a head. Thanks.

    1. T to here is no need for homeless hostels in shaw as this will bring drugs and other people that the shop owners and businesses have already got problems with. 18 x 1 bedrooms what a joke the place is far two small for that? Rant over

      1. There is already drug dealings and “runners” in Shaw. As long as they don’t thieve and cause damage we can tollerate that … but people “are” moving out. What a shame the area has gone down.

  2. Homeless services need to be in town centre accommodation, where nobody else wants to live. Otherwise home owners will move out of the area, shaw doesn’t need that,

  3. I’m suprised with the comments, In response to Car, who are you dictate where human beings live? have some humanity and the proposed building is located next to Shaw Town Centre let me guess… It’s Ok as long as it’s not next to your town centre? Individuals in this hostel are the product of Oldham and as Oldhamers we need to support the less fortunate.

  4. 18 one bedroom apartments in the Weavers pub is far too small for all them, just imagine,if they had one car each where are they all going to park? Its bad enough now public transport have difficulty getting to the bus stops now. Its also next door to an undertakers,who needs the space for his hearse.
    Wouldn’t think that homeless people could afford a car but maybe their friends have a car.Also its very near a children’s nursery.No thank you this needs more thought as to what it could be used for.

    1. You know what, if you go to the job centre in your “car” (maybe one, two or five years old) they often wonder where you get the money from to drive such luxury and probably do some enquiries as to ‘are you claiming and working’, however, a scrot who smokes, drinks and does a little weed does not get questioned like ‘where the hell do you get your money from if you are claiming’. Been going on for years. Remembered a copper who stopped me many years ago because I drove a Mercedes in a rough council estate. “Is this your vehicle” followed by “how can you afford a vehicle like this” I told him I had a better job than him (not a happy copper) which was followed by “you want to get one of these on your finger, you won’t be driving a car like this”. Slightly off topic. My rant is over.

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