Panto brings Christmas fun to Dr Kershaw’s Hospice patients

DR Kershaw’s Hospice was feeling the ‘good vibrations’ when the cast of the ever-popular Oldham Coliseum pantomime dropped in for a visit.

Some of the ‘Dick Whittington’ cast with staff and patients at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice

Eight members of the ‘Dick Whittington’ cast met patients, carers and nurses at the Hospice’s Christmas Market before giving a rousing rendition of the Sixties Beach Boys hit ‘Good Vibrations’.

They then moved on to the wards to talk to in-patients and their families, bringing plenty of smiles all round.

Simeon Truby, who plays baddie ‘King Rat’ in the theatre production, said the cast really enjoyed the trip to the hospice.

“It is fantastic to be able to bring a smile to so many faces and it was great to be able to talk to some of the nurses who do such amazing work day after day,” he said.

Day Hospice patient Donna Edwards may have even put a new line in the script.

Saucy Sarah Suet (FineTime Fontayne) was telling some of his one-liners…

“What’s a pirate’s favourite vegetable?


Quick-thinking Donna, 37, came back with “paaaaaaarsnip.”

“Brilliant,” said the Dame. “That’s in tomorrow’s show!”

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