Precept freeze suggestion could set a “dangerous precedent”

SHAW and Crompton residents face an additional two per cent increase on their council tax bill for 2020/21 in addition to the borough wide increase to be approved by Oldham Council.

And a proposal to freeze the Shaw and Crompton Parish Council precept for 2021/22 has been rejected.

Councillors agreed the increase at their February full council meeting.

This will raise the annual amount – based on a council tax Band D property – from £16.53 (2018-19) to £16.86.

The council also noted a support grant of £5,337 from Oldham Council will continue for the next 12 months at the same level.

Crompton and OMBC councillor Louie Hamblett suggested the precept be frozen for the following 12 months.

But fellow councillors disagreed, calling the move a “dangerous precedent.”

Cllr Hazel Gloster said: “I don’t think we can make a commitment at this time.

“It is not appropriate to do that at this time because you never know what could happen in the next 12 months.

“It is a dangerous decision and one that should only be taken at the time.”

Cllr Tracey Bland added: “We have no idea whether we will have the council tax support grant next year.

“If that is withdrawn by the council-which it can be at any point-we need to take a year by year view.”

Cllr Richard Marbrow said: “You always wait to see what your financial circumstances are. I am not even sure the council can vote on something like that.

“I just think it would be a dangerous thing to do and set an incredibly dangerous precedent.”

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