Proposals spell ‘Armageddon’ for Shaw and Crompton greenbelt say protestors

RESIDENTS in Shaw and Crompton feel cheated and betrayed that pleas to save their greenbelt have been ignored by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. 

Protestors at the rally in Manchester

That’s the view of campaigners who have fought proposals to cover the greenbelt in concrete since the first draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework was unveiled.

“The new plans are virtually identical to those we saw and rejected in 2016,” said Save Shaw’s Greenbelt spokesman Steve Lord. 

“There is a sliver of land between High Crompton and Newhey, saved as green belt, and giving the thinnest umbilical between the two towns. But it’s simply a token gesture. 

“The rest leaves us with genuine concern for the future of our children and grandchildren.” 

The original framework – Greater Manchester’s plans for homes and commercial development up until 2037 – attracted 27,000 responses from people across the region. 

Dozens of local protests groups staged rallies leading to a 2,000 strong display in Manchester’s city centre, which attracted widespread media attention. 

“Hundreds of people from Shaw and Crompton, along with thousands of others around Greater Manchester spent months trying to get the plans changed,” added Mr Lord.

“We lobbied our MPs, challenged planners, talked with the Mayor and urged that brownfield sites – which we helped identify – should be used and exhausted before green space was even looked at. 

“But we’re feeling feel hugely frustrated, and cheated, by our councillors, MPs and the Mayor who promised radical change to the first spatial framework and admitted the impact on green belt was disproportionate. 

“Of course, we understand the need for homes and for a thriving commercial sector bringing jobs. 

“But not at the expense of our beautiful greenbelt areas in Shaw and High Crompton. 

“The places are where we walk, run, ride and play with our children and grandchildren. These are areas that once destroyed would be irreplaceable. 

“Some residents have deer feeding in their gardens. How can you even consider destroying their natural habitat?”

The latest framework proposals would see more than 1,600 homes built in Shaw and High Crompton. 

“Apart from the destruction of our green space, this would impact massively on education, healthcare, traffic pollution and public transport,” added Mr Lord.

“How does this fit with the GMSF’s boast about Greater Manchester becoming renowned for the quality of its environment? 

“We can’t cope with the congestion that already exists. 

“You can’t book a GP appointment inside a week, schools are full, and the 60 juggernauts a day that steam between Shaw and the M62 create more pollution and potholes than a panzer of tanks.

“It’s a vision of Armageddon and not the environment of parks, green spaces, rivers and rolling hills that our families deserve. 

“We now have to roll up our sleeves, start filling out the forms, mobilising support and be prepared, once again, to man the barricades. 

“This time, though, with the knowledge that our MPs, councillors and Mayor are focused exclusively on their own agendas and are patently not capable of helping us.” 

• The Save Shaw’s Greenbelt group already has a Facebook page with nearly 1,800 members. 

• The group staged a hugely successful first march on January 2, 2018 when along with Royton and Newhey, some 3,000 protestors gathered at Tandle Hill country park. 

• The group also sent 1,300 objection letters to Manchester Town Hall and is currently creating an action plan to oppose the second framework.

Save Shaw’s Greenbelt campaigners are meeting on Friday, January 18 at the Fairview pub at 8pm. Everyone welcome.

0 Replies to “Proposals spell ‘Armageddon’ for Shaw and Crompton greenbelt say protestors”

  1. Regarding the latest draft of the GMSF with respect to Oldham Borough –
    Despite a massive campaign including letters, petitions, marches and demonstrations this much heralded “radical rewrite” has barely scratched the surface of one of the main issues i.e. the concentration of all the Borough’s allocations on Green Belt and OPOL in the NW quarter of the Borough.

    Four new allocations on Green Belt are being proposed at Ashton Rd Corridor, South of Rosary Rd, Spinners Way/Alderney Farm and Woodhouses. The total housing is 630 enabling a corresponding welcome reduction in the NW quarter. HOWEVER THIS STILL LEAVES THE NW QUARTER WITH A MASSIVE 3950 HOUSES ON GREEN BELT AND OPOL.

    Kingsway South has been granted a welcome reprieve for some of its Green Belt but this has simply been replaced with another attack on Green Belt also in the NW quarter at Thornham Old Rd where 600 homes are planned.

    But here is the absolute bombshell – far from tapping into the vast reserves of Green Belt in Saddleworth so as to alleviate this obscene imbalance, incredibly OMBC has actually proposed even more Green Belt for Saddleworth by upgrading OPOLs at Dacres, Stoneswood and Wall Hill along with an ROS at Denshaw.
    Who in their right mind could possibly think this was a good idea given the hammer blow being dealt on Green Belt in the NW quarter and where our OPOLs are being DOWNGRADED to development.

    In previous UDPs part of the Wall Hill OPOL had actually been designated Phase 1 housing! Similarly an OPOL at Summershades Lane had previously been earmarked for Phase 2 housing.
    Evidently we are not all in the same “CO-OPERATIVE” Borough.
    It would have made far more sense to replace some of the greatly depleted Green Belt in the NW quarter by upgrading OPOLs on that side of the Borough.

    It was a group of mainly Labour Councillors who originally instigated the allocations in the NW quarter where the Shaw and Crompton wards are of course Lib Dem.
    To compound the problem, the Planning Officers are seemingly unwilling, powerless and incapable of challenging the ultra- protectionism of “Fortress Saddleworth” while overseeing the systematic destruction of Shaw.

    Apparently we must have a plan else we run the risk of speculative development but in the NW quarter I fail to see how we could be any worse off!

    I am totally against the development of Green Belt and OPOL but if some development is inevitable the burden should surely be more evenly spread over the Borough.

  2. I live in High Crompton and feel we have had enough development here. We have all units to the bottom of Lower Lane. They have left an ugly scar on the landscape already. We have had housing estates also at the bottom of Broad Lane, which seem to be spreading. Shockingly we are to believe that there will be further development right up to High Crompton Park, where I have lived in a quiet avenue for over 30 years. There will be no fields left. What are these planners thinking of. Of course they won’t live round here. We’re also lead to believe that Saddleworth is being practically protected. I don’t want our landscape spoiled anywhere, but if it is to be then it should be shared fairly

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