Royton catering firm fined after mouse droppings found at its premises

A ROYTON catering firm has been fined after mouse droppings were found near where food was stored and was being prepared at its premises.

Scoff Catering Ltd, of Rochdale Road, appeared before Tameside Magistrates Court where they pleaded guilty to failing to comply with European Union hygiene regulations. The two charges related to incidents in September 2019.

Tameside Magistrates Court

The first was the company failed to keep their premises clean as mouse droppings and dirt was found throughout the premises which had not been cleaned up.

They were fined £140 with £300 costs and a £32 surcharge towards funding victim services.

Scoff Catering were further charged for failing to have adequate procedures in place for the control of pests and the premises were not cleaned to an adequate standard resulting in mouse droppings found throughout the premises and next to food and food containers while the premises were still trading and preparing food.

They were fined a further £140 after admitting this charge.

All food businesses by the council are given a rating based on their compliance with the legal requirements for hygiene, structural condition and confidence in the management.

Following a food hygiene inspection, a business is rated from five for a very good through to a zero for those premises that need to improve urgently.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Culture, said: “Food hygiene laws must be taken very seriously and we, as a council, are doing everything we can to ensure every business in our borough complies with these regulations.

“This is not only to keep in line with government regulations, but also to protect our residents from premises with poor hygiene procedures.”

“We will continue to take action against this small minority to ensure that they make the necessary changes to keep their premises clean and well maintained in accordance with the law.

“We’d like to remind food businesses that they need to keep their premises clean and not wait until our officers have visited to make the necessary changes.”

Consumers can check a food business rating on the Food Standards Agency website.

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