Shaw and Crompton to gather for Holocaust Memorial Day service

Shaw and Crompton’s Holocaust Memorial Day will be held on Saturday 27 January 2018 at 9:30am at the Crompton War Memorial.

This year’s theme is The Power of Words as the words we see and hear all around us – in newspapers, online, in conversations – all have an impact upon us and those around us.

“This will be the seventh Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration at Crompton War Memorial starting at 9:30am, lasting approximately half an hour,” said Councillor Diane Williamson, Chair of the Shaw and Crompton District Executive.

“My Shaw and Crompton colleagues will be attending as well as members from the various local religious organisations.

“So why not come along so that we can remind people that we must not allow these atrocities of genocide to continue in places like Cambodia and Rwanda; and to remember those who suffered in the Holocaust.”


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