Third time lucky for Jubilee plans?

A LANDMARK Shaw pub will be demolished and five houses erected on the site if plans submitted to Oldham Council are approved.


A proposed view of the development from Milnrow Road

These latest proposals are the third in 18 months aiming to transform the Gothic style former pub on Milnrow Road which has remained derelict for years.

This neglect has led to increasing amounts of anti-social behaviour and fly tipping there.

An application to build six dwellings was pulled in March 2017 and a second application to knock down the pub and replace it with a three-storey block of eight apartments was withdrawn in July 2017.

Now agent Jason Dugdale, acting for Clements Court properties Ltd, has submitted an application to build five houses with seven car parking spaces.

Despite its distinct style and longevity, the building in its current state isn’t regarded as being of historical interest.

A Planning, Design and Access statement, submitted by Wiplow, confirms the majority of the pub lies within greenbelt and also a coal mining risk area.

But the report states: “This statement will put forward our case that explains why we believe the proposal conforms with both national and local planning policies and that planning permission should be granted.”

It adds: “The proposed houses would be constructed within the curtilage of the existing former public house site with three town houses on the footprint of the former pub and two detached houses within the car parking area.

“We have concluded that the proposed houses would not be harmful to the openness of the green belt and due to the reduction in volume openness would be increased.

“The proposal would also not be contrary to the purposes of including land within the green belt.

“The visual amenity of the site would be improved because of the removal of a dilapidated and derelict social club that would be replaced with high quality houses.”

To provide a ‘reminder’ of the former pub, the proposed town houses would take features from the former pub.

The Milnrow Road elevation would contain a cross-pitch rood with an arched window on the top floor.

“The proposed detached houses would also face onto Milnrow Road with a centralised access for car parking,” the report adds.

The history of The Jubilee dates back to 1840 but it was believed to have been built on the other side of the road.

However, in 1863, it was moved brick-by-brick over to its current location to make way for the railway running straight through where the building used to be. The road was also moved to create what is now known as the ‘jubilee bend’.

Find out more about the planning application online: using reference: PA/341562/18.

The plans for the new homes were recommended for approval by Shaw and Crompton Parish Council at their planning meeting in May but the final decision will be taken by Oldham Council’s planning committee.

The target date for a decision by the planning committe is May 17, 2018.

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