Who gets your vote? – Candidates in Crompton ward

WHO will get your vote when Oldham goes to the polls on Thursday, May 6?

The candidates who are vying for votes in the local elections and Greater Manchester Mayoral Election have now been confirmed.

In the local elections, voters will cast their choice of who they want to elect to represent them on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. One seat is being contested in each of the 20 wards in Oldham.

There are different ways to vote in the elections: at your local polling station, by post or by proxy (appointing someone to vote on your behalf).

You will receive a poll card telling you where to vote if you wish to vote in person at your local polling station on May 6.

Significant efforts have been made to ensure that all polling stations are Covid safe. Voters and staff will be required to wear a face covering (unless they are exempt), observe social distancing and use hand sanitiser which will be made available. Voters can bring their own pen or pencil should they wish to do so.

Applications for postal votes and proxy votes had to be completed in April.

The verification and counts for local elections will commence at 10pm on Thursday, May 6 at various locations across Oldham. The count for Shaw, Crompton, Royton North and Royton South will be held at Oldham Sports Centre.

To find out more, visit Oldham Council’s website: www.oldham.gov.uk/elections

Here are the candidates standing in Crompton ward:

Lewis Quigg, Conservative Party 

Lewis Quigg, Conservative Party

I am standing for election to challenge, scrutinise and hold Oldham Council to account.

The relationship between the people and the politicians in Oldham has collapsed.

I want to deal with your priorities including fighting the over development of our greenbelt and green spaces.

The lack of public participation in big decisions where you live means bad decisions are constantly being made and poor results delivered.

So, I cannot and will not support the Places for Everyone Plan or GMSF 2.

I am shocked at how Labour and the Lib Dems have not fixed the Other Protected Open Land (OPOL) loophole given they run the Borough and Parish Council respectively.

That is why I support Neighbourhood Plans. They give you a say in what you want in your area and with the final decision put to a referendum locally.

Other pressing local issues include: potholes, fly-tipping, litter, health/doctors appointments, crime and anti-social behaviour.

Too often money is wasted, and Labour in Oldham would win a gold medal for waste if there was one.

Basit Shah, Labour Party

This candidate did not respond to the Correspondent’s requests to provide a profile.

Lina Shaw, Green Party

Lina Shaw, Green Party

Lina has lived in Oldham for 19 years. After gaining her accounting qualification at Oldham College 2010, she worked locally in accounts. Now she works for a vegetarian wholefoods’ cooperative.

Lina is an active member of the community, working with the Depaul charity organisation, offering accommodation to vulnerable young people and providing guidance on what a better future could look like.

She volunteers on a local organic farm and on the project Get Oldham Growing.

She is concerned about the loss of green belt land and other green areas and says: “We need more social housing, but we can achieve this without building on our green spaces.”

Like Green candidates across the country Lina will make a difference with fresh ideas, by listening to people and by taking action on local matters.

Lina is keen to work with community organisations to increase positive local activities for our young people.

Rob Vance, Northern Heart (UK) Oldham

This candidate did not respond to the Correspondent’s requests to provide a profile.

Diane Williamson, Liberal Democrats

Diane Williamson, Liberal Democrats

I have lived in Shaw for over 30 years and have been a Crompton Councillor for over a decide.

I have spoken to thousands of residents, listening to the issues and concerns they have and working to resolve them.

My biggest single concern is Labour’s plan to build thousands of new homes on Oldham’s green belt. Hundreds of these homes are planned for Cowlishaw and Denbigh Drive. I am totally opposed to green belt development and will fight with residents to the bitter end to oppose them.

I also want to see a new health centre for Shaw and Crompton, a more vibrant town centre, cleaner streets, potholes fixed, and better public transport.

I have a proven track record and am well respected by residents, community groups and colleagues for getting things done.

I am there all year round – working hard and demanding better for Crompton and its residents.

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