Wrestlers are ready for a Royal Rumble at Queen Elizabeth Hall

OLDHAM’S Queen Elizabeth Hall is ready to be rocked as wrestlers take part in an over-the-top-rope ‘Royal Rumble’ match.

Fans can boo the bad guys and cheer the good guys as they battle it out, with them all entering the ring at the same time.

Among the competitors in the American Wrestling Spectacular are ‘The man with the million dollar arms’ – Tiny Iron, the man who bills himself as half-man, half-amazing.

He will have to defeat rivals the Masked Destroyers, Road Warrior, Pyro and the Boston Brawler.

Kid Lightning, Rocky Las Vegas and Aussie Aussie Aussie will also be getting into the ring, with the last man who has not gone over the top rope and both feet touched the ground crowned the winner.

Over the top matches are often the most dramatic and if you are among the first to enter, it can be real survival of the fittest contest.

And more often than not, the turnbuckles and ropes can be the wrestler’s friends – along with some more underhand ways of escaping being thrown out!

Queen Elizabeth Hall on West Street in Oldham will be at the centre of the action Saturday, March 30, starting at 7.30pm.

Adult tickets cost £12 while children’s tickets are priced £10, or a family of four can get in for just £36.

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