Royton and Crompton pupils are boxing clever from the classroom

ROYTON and Crompton School run an annual shoebox appeal for the Samaritans Purse, with a target of 100 boxes to make a difference to at least 100 children at Christmas. 

The charity works with deprived communities around the world to ensure some of the most vulnerable children receive a gift at Christmas.

This year the staff, pupils and parents more than doubled the target, finishing with an impressive grand total of 206 boxes.

Each of the year group was in competition with their forms to see who would bring the most shoeboxes and the winners were: 7FW, 8SPN, 9LCH, 10MMU and 11NBK.

The winning forms now receive the chance to choose a reward as a thank you for their hard work.

Fauzia Ashraf, Teacher of Humanities, said: “‘I really enjoyed leading the shoebox appeal.

“I am so proud of our school and the difference we will make to the wider community.

“The pupils have really done a great job and at this just proves the great citizens they will go on to become.

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to all who donated towards the appeal and I look forward to beating this target next year!”

Headteacher Neil Hutchinson added: “The level of commitment from both staff and students, supported by the wider community of parents and friends, demonstrates the global spirit of the people of Oldham and in particular our school community.

“The British values we uphold and promote are: democracy, the ule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith.

“These gifts will be shared with children for whom these values are a dream.

“They often live in oppressive lawless regimes where they are denied the fundamental liberties we take for granted.

“Although this is a Christmas appeal run by the charity Samaritans Purse, these gifts are not given to children who hold any particular faith, or denied to those of no faith.

“They are distributed to those who are in most need, regardless of their background.

“I applaud the efforts of the team in meeting and beating the challenging target they set themselves.”


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